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Have you heard of jus sanguinis?

It is a very fancy Latin term for “ the right of blood”. What does it mean in the Romanian law?

Romanian citizenship is granted to:

  • those children born on Romanian territory, even if only one parent is a Romanian citizen;
  • those children born abroad, if both parents or at least one of them hold Romanian citizenship.

A child found on Romanian territory is considered a Romanian citizen if neither of the parents is known.

A child who is a foreign citizen or stateless can acquire Romanian citizenship through adoption, if the adoptive parents are Romanian citizens and the adopted child is under 18 years old.

If one of your ancestors in your direct kinship line was Romanian and you have evidence to prove it, you may be able to claim your right to certify your Romanian Citizenship. Vital records are essential in this process, as they establish the line of descent and eligibility for the Certificate of Citizenship.

Jus soli is the basic principle of citizenship in the United States and the British Commonwealth countries. It allows individuals to acquire citizenship based on their place of birth. However, these countries also recognize acquisition of nationality by descent with limitations. On the other hand, most other countries adopt jus sanguinis as their basic principle and have provisions for citizenship acquisition based on various factors such as birth and domicile within the country, birth within the country to parents born there, and more.

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