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What is mandatory to inform the authorities about?

You need to inform IGI in the following cases, in 30 days since the event occurred:

 a) any change occurred in our personal situation, especially the change of name, citizenship, domicile or residence, conclusion, termination or annulment of marriage, birth of a child, death of a family member residing in Romania;

b) any change related to your employment;

c) extension of validity or change of the document for crossing the state border.

If you changed your name, citizenship, domicile or residence, you are obliged, when declaring the change in your personal situation, to request a new identity document (residence permit).

The theft or loss of state border crossing documents must be reported to the competent police authority in 48 hours.

The holder of the residence permit is obligated to declare within a maximum of 5 days, to the territorial formation of the General Inspectorate for Immigration that issued the document, about the theft, loss, damage or destruction of the residence permit.

If you just came to Romania, you need to declare your stay (unless it is a hotel) in 3 days since you arrived, at the local police authority.

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